dumb deviantart comments
  • this tumblr is not to bash people, the focus is on things people say, not the people who say them. posts that have visible usernames or are obviously just to attack or make fun of someone specifically won’t be accepted. please make sure usernames, if visible in the screencap, are blacked out or blurred.
  • comments from other sites won’t be accepted, it must be from deviantart.
  • if you for some reason come across a post that is of something you said and don’t wish it to be on here, please contact me via ask box and i will take it down.
  • this is a tumblr for comments only. please don’t submit anyone’s art.
  • do not seek out the writers of the comments posted on this blog and harrass them or anything else malicious. don’t ask for anyone’s username.
  • obviously i don’t post every single ask/submission i get. i’m sorry if youre upset you didn’t get answered or posted, i usually will answer asks privately but i can’t do so if you’re on anonymous. 
  • sometimes a post that is a troll or a joke accidentally gets on here. i was not around for every single joke that takes place on dA. if i’m not 100% sure something is a joke, and it happens to still be funny, i post. if you let me know that you know it was a troll/hoax/joke/whatever/ect., i’ll take it down.